COVID Notice:
Each facility has their own guidelines. Due to the on-going changes with the guidelines and recommendations, we ask that you contact the facility where you are scheduled at directly. We appreciate your understanding with this. The facility contact information is listed below:

Baylor North Garland Surgery Center
7150 N. President George Bush Hwy
Suite 101
Garland, TX 75044
Phone: 214-703-1800
Fax: 214-703-1880

Baylor Scott & White Surgicare Plano Alliance
4825 Alliance Blvd
Suite. 300
Plano, TX 75093
Phone: 469-367-0700
Fax: 469-367-0770

Peak Health Surgicare
610 N. Coit Road
Suite 2100
Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: 972-954-3588

Eminent Medical Center
1351 W. President George Bush Hwy
Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: 469-910-8800

Texas Interventional Pain Management
17051 N. Dallas Parkway
Ste. 320
Addison, TX 7501
Phone: 972-596-1059

For your safety, if you have tested positive for COVID you must be free of any COVID symptoms for 5 days prior to having any procedure.

For any spinal cord stimulators trial or permanent placement, you must adhere to the following guidelines for anesthesia.

  • 4 weeks asymptomatic or recover from only mild non-respiratory symptoms.
  • 6 weeks for a symptomatic patient (e.g.) cough, dyspnea) who did not require hospitalization.
  • 8-10 weeks for a symptomatic patient who is diabetic, immunocompromised, or hospitalized.
  • 12 weeks for any patient who was admitted to an intensive care unit due to COVID-19 infection.


  • No food or drink (including water) 8 hours prior to your procedure. If you have any medications that must be taken before your procedure AND has been approved by your physician, you may do so with very little water.
  • If you are having an Epidural Steroid Injection only in your cervical or thoracic spine or a Catheter ESI in any region of your spine, or a Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial/Implant, you will need to be off ALL BLOOD THINNERS and/or ALL NSAIDS for 5 days prior to your procedure date. **This also includes any OTC aspirins, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen, meloxicam) analgesics and anti-inflammatories** Please contact our office and speak to a member of your physicians’ clinical staff to confirm if you are needing to stop any medications you are currently taking if you are unsure.
  • Since you are receiving anesthesia/sedation, you will need someone present to drive you home unless it was discussed and approved by your physician to perform your procedure under local anesthesia.
  • No outside items may be taken into the procedure room/operating room. Pillows and blankets from home are not allowed in pre-op or the procedure room/operating room.
  • You will be asked to remove all clothing that might interfere with your procedure or be stained by the skin preparation including bra, underwear, shorts, pantyhose, or leggings.
  • Please do not wear jewelry including watches and any piercings.

Payment for all procedures is due no later than the day prior to the scheduled procedure date. Estimates for any out of pocket expense is sent to all patients through our patient portal. Please be aware that we do request all patients to have access to their patient portal. Payments can be made by calling our office at 972-596-1059. Please note that the facility will contact patients separately for any out of pocket expense due to them as that payment is separate than the payment due to the doctor.

All procedures not cancelled within 24 hours or any patient who no-shows to their procedure will be charged $100.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your upcoming procedure or if you have additional questions or concerns please contact our office for further assistance.