• Try to hydrate by drinking a lot of fluid the day prior to the procedure.
  • No food or drink (including water) 8 hours prior to your procedure. If you have any medications that must be taken before your procedure AND has been approved by your physician, you may do so with very little water.
  • Bath or shower on the morning of surgery to minimize the risk of infection. Please do not use lotion.
  • Do not consume alcohol 24 hours prior to your surgery. Do not smoke or use tobacco products 12 hours prior to your surgery. These substances can cause adverse reactions to anesthesia and medication.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Leave jewelry and valuables at home except a picture ID, your insurance card, and the co-pay/co-insurance due on the day of surgery.
  • Remove contact lenses and make-up before arrival.
  • Report health changes to your physician and nurse, even if the changes seem minor, such as fever, cough, rash, or a cold. Notify your physician if there is a possibility you are pregnant.
  • Female patients may be required to take a pregnancy test before surgery.
  • Arrive on time so that your procedure may begin as scheduled. Due to limited space, please limit family members and friends to no more than two people.
  • Bring all paperwork your provider may have given you regarding your procedure including your drivers license and insurance card.
  • Contact the facility for questions regarding translation services.
  • Brush your teeth on the morning of surgery, but do not swallow any water.
  • Do not shave the surgical area.

Payment for all procedures is due no later than the day prior to the scheduled procedure date.  Estimates for any out of pocket expense is sent to all patients through our patient portal.  Please be aware that we do request all patients to have access to their patient portal.  Payments can be made by calling our office at 972-596-1059.  Please note that the facility will contact patients separately for any out of pocket expense due to them as that payment is separate than the payment due to the doctor.

All procedures not cancelled within 24 hours or any patient who no-shows to their procedure will be charged $100.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your upcoming procedure or if you have additional questions or concerns please contact our office for further assistance.